The Truth about carpet cleaning

It not just the dirt you can see, but the dirt you can't!
It not just the dirt you can see, but the dirt you can’t!

Healthier Living

Clean looking carpets can conceal odor-causing germs and bacteria along with unnoticeable dust, soil and harmful allergens. Medical reports show that the number of people suffering from allergy and allergy related symptoms in the U.S. ranges from 50 to 70 million people. While many allergens in your environment are known to trigger allergic symptoms, house dust has been identified as the main culprit contributing to indoor allergies.

One unfortunate perception is that carpet is a poor choice for maintaining good air quality. In fact, the opposite is true. Carpet plays the role of an air filter, trapping pollutants that are already present. Carpet temporarily traps dust, pollen, germs and bacteria within its fibers, taking them out of the breathing zone until they can be effectively removed by routine professional cleaning. Very simply put, proper and effective carpet cleaning keeps people healthy.

It’s Time To Go Deep!

Our expert technicians remove the obvious dirt, dust and particles leaving your carpets clean and immaculate, and we don’t stop there. We address and eliminate problems at the source. We, at Deep Clean Professionals, use powerful cleaning agents and hot-water extraction to penetrate deep within your carpets fibers killing 99% of all allergens, germs and bacteria, leaving you with a healthier, happier home. That’s a win-win solution! 
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