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About us

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Charles Carswell and family

Owner of Deep Clean Professionals

A local family own business started in 2010.  Deep Clean Professionals is daughter company of Spotless Cleaning located in Columbia Md.  This company was founded by Mr. Carswell's late father Charles Carswell Sr in 1988.

Mr. Carswell shared the same passion preforming janitorial cleaning services with his father at Spotless Cleaning. However, he found cleaning carpet was more of a challenge and provided immediate gratification while doing it.  Mr. Carswell learned the fundamentals of carpet cleaning using portable cleaning equipment experimenting with various techniques.  Unfortunately, Mr. Carswell's wife did not like being away from her family and wanted to move back home.

They return to Ohio in 2000, and him and his wife Aziza Carswell purchase their first home located in Akron, Ohio.   It was here Mr. Carswell continued to develop his carpet cleaning skills using a Carpet Magic portable that his dad gave him to use at his new home.  Mr. Carswell cleaned his own carpet in his home with the extractor his father gave him which came in handy as it was expensive to rent one.

The home had wall-to-wall carpeting.  Most of it was light blue which was difficult to keep clean with 3 young toddlers running around spilling things!   One day Mr. Carswell was expecting an appliance delivery. When the delivery men arrived one of the men said, "wow, now this is how I want my house to smell and look." He then asked who cleans the carpet, to which Mr. Carswell proudly said, "I do."  The delivery person said, "man you should do this professionally!"  And, just like that; the Ideal of Deep Clean Professionals was born.

Deep Clean Professionals was conceptualized in 2003.  Mr. Carswell began writing a business plan plus all the necessary things required to start a business, however, Deep Clean Professionals would remain a Shelf Corporation while Mr. Carswell would finish his Education.   He did not just want to be, "another guy with a truck," so Mr. Carswell completed the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration, and Certifications (IICRC), in which he received his certification.   Deep Clean would require more years of planning to realize.  Mr. Carswell continued to work in communication:  Printing, Voice, and Data until 2010 and never has looked Back!

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Quality... Integrity... and Trust

Deep Clean Professionals is quickly becoming a leading name in the carpet cleaning industry. With over ten years of experience, our work speaks for itself. Our success is built on a few solid principles that we proudly endorse:

  • Superior quality at an exceptional value
  • Quick, convenient and hassle-free service
  • Phenomenal team of dedicated professionals
  • Unparalleled cleaning system using top of the line equipment
  • We stand behind our work with guaranteed customer satisfaction

Founder and President Charles E Carswell Jr., developed our 5 Steps- 2 method system as a means of providing our customers with consistent, quality and affordable  carpet cleaning.

No More Sacrificing!

It’s a proven fact! Not having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis compromises the quality of the air in your home and exposes your loved ones to germs, bacteria, dust mites and allergens that have been linked to several common health problems.  Our Carpet cleaning method eliminates the costly charges associated with replacement due to wear.   Plus, we get out stains other leave behind at a price you afford!

Deep Clean Professionals, the company you call when you need professional carpet cleaning; the one you’re proud to recommend!