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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services in Akron, Kent and surrounding Ohio areas

With extensive training and knowledge, we efficiently offer carpet cleaning services to residential and commercial clients within 30 miles radius of Akron, Kent and surrounding areas. Our professionally trained technicians use the latest carpet cleaning techniques and are certified according to IICRC industry standards.

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Our Services

  • Steam Cleaning

  • Upholstery Cleaning

  • Area Rug Cleaning

  • Low-Moisture Cleaning (Encapsulation)

  • Dry-Compound Cleaning 

  • Hard Surface Cleaning

  • Tile and Grout Cleaning

  • Luxury Vinyl Plank Cleaning

The Professional Promise…

Before we arrive… All of our carpet technicians are professionally trained and experienced in the latest, safest and most effective methods for cleaning carpet – like yours!

When we arrive… We understand that providing quality, reliable, worry-free carpet cleaning is important to our customers. So, at Deep Clean Professionals, LLC, we do all the work for you. We combine up-front preparation with important on-site procedures to ensure you can count on getting the results you want – every time!

After we’re done… Don’t worry! Even after we’ve finished professionally cleaning your carpet, we’re just a phone call away; available, ready and at your service. We want to be your trusted advisers anytime you have questions, concerns or if you simply find yourself in need of additional or emergency services.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

We provide estimates over the phone, but we enccourage you to request an on-site carpet inspection for an accurate quote.  Once we arrive, we examine all areas and furnishings, and take exact measurements to give you the cost.  If you are satisfied we clean the same day.

Our5 Step two Method Cleaning process:

1.  We apply pre-spray with special additives to all vacuumed areas.

2.  Using counter rotating brush machine (CRB), we agitate carpet; this allows oxidized soil, stains, and tangled pet hair to become dislodged from carpet fibers.

3.  The encapsulated debris is Power Vacuumed using our Truck mount’s powerful suction!

4.  We extract and rinse suspended soil from carpet using rotary extraction tool, neutralizing and lowering the PH for optimum drying.

5.  We post dry and groom carpet using our cleaning wand equipped with site glass.  This technique pulls out as much moisture as possible and set carpet's  pile height to allow maximum air flow while drying.

Call now and schedule an appointment today!  234-817-3380 or use our online system.  A representative will contact you the following business day!

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Everyone has dust in their homes.  Whether or not you wear shoes in your home makes no difference.  It is the dust that collects in your carpet day to day that potentially damages your carpet fibers as you walk.  This is even worse if you own a pet.  Why?  Because, " It's not the dirt you can see, but the dirt you can't," that matters.  Everyday your carpet is filling up with more dust.  These dust particles act, like sandpaper and scratch the surface of the carpet fibers causing permanent damage.  Plus, over a period of time the dust and soil become oxidized to the fibers and can no longer be removed with vacuuming!    

Don't wait any longer!  Call now at 234-817-3380.

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 Professional Steam Cleaning

Our 5 Step Two method cleaning process; out cleans our competitors,..hands down!  Don't just take our words for it; see what our customers have to say on any platform we are featured, like Google or Facebook.   "Quality in,.. and Quality out." No other company will clean your carpets the Deep Clean Professionals' way!  The service includes:

  • Pre-vacuuming

  • Pre-conditioning

  • CRB agitation-Encapsulation

  • Post Power Vacuuming

  • Rotary-Extraction, Rinse & Neutralization

  • Dry grooming with wand

Pet-Stain and Odor Removal

Procedures includes:

  • UV Light-inspection

  • Hydra Sensor (Moisture detection)

  • Sub-Surface Extraction using (Water Claw: sub-surface extraction tool)

  • OSR. Enzymatic Oxidizer cleaner injection into padding

  • OR Topical Pet stain Enzymatic Oxidizer application to surface

  • Extraction: using Our 5 Step Two Method cleaning process

Why normal carpet cleaning only removes soil

Normal carpet cleaning will effectively remove water soluble substances, like dirt, light body oil, and some organic stains, but it will not remove urine or pet stains.  In fact, the urine smell gets worse until the carpet drys,  Reason for this is; the salt crystals are activated producing ammonia, that turn into ammonium hydroxide from humidity in the air, or water applied to the carpet.  And, if you own pets, it creates that, "all to familiar," urine smell.   Some home owners try and cover up that smell, with candles or plug-in air fresheners... to no avail.

Alkaline cleaners used for soil are not formulated to remove pet urine or pet stains.  Because, the salt crystals in the urine over time, become fused to the carpet fibers.  Special chemicals designed to break the bond between the fiber and salts are required.  Plus, these chemicals have oxidizers to remove staining and control odors.   Chemicals are either applied on the surface, or directly injected into the padding.  And they typically work in 30 minutes or more.  The chemicals break down the urine and removes the stains, which are extracted using, our Water Claw and/or rotary extraction tool: using our 5 Step Two Method Cleaning process.       

Call Deep Clean Professionals today, and"Say Goodbye," to those stains and odors once and for all.   Your family and guests, will thank you for it:)

Why Choose Us

Commercial Cleaning

Deep Clean Professionals offers a variety of commercial cleaning options to fit the specific needs of your business. Considering everything from the carpet type to the type of business you operate and the flow of your guests, we offer an unparalleled cleaning system using professionally crafted methods and equipment.

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This service is ideal for commercial-grade carpets with medium soiled traffic areas.  This process is best proformed after hours, however it is less intrusive since the equiptment is very quiet and does not require hoses laying around.  The Commercial-One-Clean uses an Low moisture cleaning process combined with special cleaners designed to encapsulate soil from carpeting.  The encapsulated soil dries and crystalizes and becomes colorless, usually in  2 hours or less, which can then be vacuumed by your maintenance personel using a commercial vacuum with a beater brush attached.    This process only cleans the top surface of the carpet and is designed for interm cleaning.   Annual Steam cleaning is still recommended.

This process includes the following:

  • Pre-inspection

  • Pre-vacuuming

  • Cimax agitation 

  • Encapsulation

  • Drying

  • Post Vacuuming (by your Maintenance employees)

  Make an Impression

Studies have proven that cleanliness plays a significant role in impressing your guests. Also, clean carpets project a positive image of your company's standards. Contact us to get healthier carpets, free from contaminants such as dirt, germs, bacteria, mold, and allergens. Otherwise, these pollutants will eventually hamper the indoor air quality of your workplace.

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Upholstery Cleaning

At Deep Clean Professionals, we revitalize upholstery for clients across Akron. We professionally steam clean your upholstery with proper care. Our services make patterns more vivid, colors brighter, and the fabric feels soft. We believe that "Nobody cleans your upholstery better than Deep Clean Professionals!" We are Akron's number 1 choice for upholstery cleaning.

Killing Allergens, Germs, & Bacteria

At Deep Clean Professionals, you don't have to worry about the obvious dirt build-up and residue from previous cleanings. We efficiently remove visible and invisible dirt by utilizing professional upholstery cleaning services. Furthermore, our 5-step upholstery cleaning process penetrates deep within the fabrics of your upholstery, effectively killing allergens, germs, and bacteria.

Improper cleaning causes upholstery to re-soil

Furniture cleaner from previous extractions which are not properly rinse from your upholstery fabric will cause it to re-soil, and over time turn into a sticky residue. This residue acts like magnets, attracting dirt and oils that can damage the fibers of your upholstery just, like carpeting. So please call Deep Clean Professionals today and schedule a cleaning when your Furniture is smelling stinky, and looking dull and dingy.

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Furniture Care & Maintenance Tips

Deep Clean Professionals recommends routine care and maintenance cleanings for your upholstery. It goes a long way toward combating daily wear and tear, and it's proven to extend the life of your furniture. Here are some simple steps that can significantly help extend the life of your upholstery.

  • Have Deep Clean Professionals clean and protect your upholstery every 12-18 months

  • Prevent most accidents by keeping food & drinks away from your upholstery; if an accident occurs, towel blot any spills immediately

  • Avoid rubbing or circular motions that will spread the stain to unaffected areas of the fabric.

  • Vacuum your furniture at least once a week to prevent dirt and soil from having a chance to work their way into the fabric.

  • Turn your loose cushions once a week. This allows them to wear more evenly.

  • Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight, as this can fade the colors of your upholstery and cause the fabric to deteriorate prematurely.

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We are Here to Help

If you are looking for upholstery cleaning services for residential and commercial properties, rely on Deep Clean Professionals. It's time to go deep!   Our upholstery cleaning services leave the competitors in the dust!