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 DeeClean Professionals offers a variety of cleaning options to fit the specific needs of your business, we factor in everything from the the type of carpet you own, to the type of business you operate, to the flow of your guests. We offer an unparalleled cleaning system using professionally crafted, top of the line equipment. So whether it’s at home, or in the office – you can trust your carpets to the Professionals. Check out our link for specific services available to our clients.

 With Deep Clean Professionals, you get more than clean! Studies have proven:

  • Cleanliness plays a big role in determining how your guest view your business. Clean carpets project a positive image of your companies standards.
  • Properly cleaned carpets are healthier carpets, free from contaminants such as dirt, germs, bacteria, mold and allergens.  These pollutants will eventually filter from your carpet into the air, compromising the quality of air in your workplace.
  • Employees are more productive in clean working environments.
  • Routinely cleaning your carpet prolongs the life of your carpet and protects your investment.

Commercial Carpet Maintenance Plan

This promotion is available to you – our loyal business representatives. Every business has high-traffic areas that withstand constant abuse from spills, daily wear and tear, and the accumulation of soil from daily foot traffic. When left untreated, these spots can stain and discolor your carpet. Our Commercial Carpet Maintenance Plan allows you to customize a service plan to fit the cleaning demands of your business. By scheduling regular cleaning visits on your high-traffic areas, we are able to address troublesome spots and provide better protection before they become a problem. Protect your investment, sign up for our commercial plan today.

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